Supplier :

ILSA pca

Description :

chemical composition

Chelated zinc sourced from 1% EDTA

Chelated iron from 0.5%

Complex boron source: boron ethanolamine 0.5% - amino acids 7.01%

: EDTA 4% - DTPA 3.6% chelating substance


What is ilsac-aon?

It is a natural stimulant of 100% vegetable origin, invented and developed by ELSA in partnership with many international higher institutes


how to use

Designed for foliar spray

The catalyst is a product of the exclusive enzyme analysis process used only by the Italian company Elsa

Also, this process preserves the nature and formula of the natural materials contained in the raw material

Stimulates the overall metabolic mechanisms and increases the physiological activity of the plant as well as stimulates the plant's resistance against environmental and physiological stress


It is recommended to use ILSAQ-ON, especially in the following stages

In extreme cold or hot phases

During periods of intense vegetative activity such as vegetative growth, flowering, swelling and ripening of fruits


Product Features

Stimulates the vegetative growth of the plant as well as the growth of the root system

Stimulates plant resistance against salinity stress

It helps in the growth of fruits and the cohesion of plant tissues and in increasing the shelf life of fruits and vegetables after picking

Enhances the formation of sugars and increases the quality of the final product

It is used in organic farming


Manufacturer: Elsa, the Italian company. You can visit the company's website from here


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