Supplier :

ILSA pca

Description :

chemical composition

9% total nitrogen

phosphorous 16%

amino acids 23.64%

Density 1.17 g/cm3



Fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorous (in a fast-absorbing and soluble formula), and amino acids for local drip.


how to use

Intended in the early stages of the growth of agricultural crops to stimulate the growth of the root system and the formation of new buds and plant tissues

It is used in the local fertilization of agricultural crops such as vegetables after the seedling stage and during the initial stages of vegetative growth

Regarding fruit trees, fertilizer is used when vegetative growth is restored and during critical stages in which it is required to provide the plant with nitrogen and phosphorous


Product Features

Stimulates seed germination and root system growth

Provides phosphorous in a fast-absorbing formula and prevents it from spoiling

Promotes vegetative growth and photosynthesis

The plant helps to overcome the stress caused by the transplanting process


Manufacturer: Elsa, the Italian company. You can visit the company's website from here


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