Supplier :

ILSA pca

Description :

chemical composition

Total Nitrogen 6% Potassium 9% Amino Acids 10.01%


What is Elsamine KY

It is a liquid fertilizer that contains organic and mineral elements intended for local drip with the aim of stimulating plant growth

Provides the plant with amino acids with nitrogen, potassium, and polysaccharides to promote vegetative growth to increase soil fertility, and activate the plant's resistance against environmental stress


how to use

It is used during the initial stages of vegetative growth, during the agricultural cycle, and after the harvest stage. It is intended for all agricultural crops such as vegetables and fruit trees


Product Features

It helps the plant to withstand environmental and physiological stress conditions

Promotes vegetative growth and fruit ripening even in difficult climatic conditions

It improves soil fertility and the reproduction of microorganisms

Increases the final production effort


Manufacturer: Elsa, the Italian company. You can visit the company's website from here


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