Supplier :

ILSA pca

Description :

chemical composition

Nitrogen %25 Amino Acids %15.69


What is Elsa Cereal Max?

It is a liquid fertilizer that contains a high percentage of nitrogen and amino acids, intended for foliar spraying on grains and industrial crops

Fertilizer The product of the fertilizer is produced by the organic component (amino acids) technical urea

Nitrogen chelation with acids increases the effectiveness of the product, the speed of its sweat from the seeds found in the plant cells


How to use

Cereal Max is used during this foliar step, plant growth and to increase photosynthesis, photosynthesis, proteins, which leads to an increase in growth in vegetative growth and in agricultural production (yield).

The use of the compound stimulates plant growth, especially when using herbicides/weeds/parasitoids, which cause physiological stress to the plant and yellowing of plant leaves

The balance of the composition of the fertilizer allows it to be mixed with all the compounds in the market (chemical fertilizers, herbicides, / preservative/parasitoid) and therefore it is allowed to be used during the foliar period


Product Features

Nourishes and stimulates plant growth due to the presence of nitrogen in plant metabolism

It improves photosynthesis and increases the production of productions

It increases agricultural production and improves its quality


Manufacturer: Elsa, Italy. Visit the company's website from here


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