AGRIN SERVE is one of Group of companies

Group Main Activities in Agriculture :

Fertilizers: we are largest producers and distributor in Egypt. We also export to Greece, Asia, Latin America, USA & Africa.
Our group opened in 2010 fertilizer distribution in several African countries including Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi etc.

Pesticides: we are an agent leading companies in Egypt with over 20 years experience.

Seeds: our seed business has expounded Substantially in the last 5 years.

Agriculture plantation: our group has a 4000 acre plantation with most modern agriculture techniques.

The History of AGRIN SERVE

AGRIN SERVE started on 1989 as distributor and representative for several multinational companies like:
  • Dow AgroSciences
  • Tessenderlo
  • BioVert (Spain)
  • Asiatic (Singapore)
  • Yasho (India)

Contact Persons

  • Adel Hammad (Chairman Assistant)
  • Marketing Department :
    • Mohamed Saaied
    • Ahmed Hosni
  • Registration Department :
    • Khaled Abd El Hameed

Background Of The History Of Business

Agrin Serve started with many products:
DURSBAN 48H , DURSBAN 4TC, Empire , Delfos , Counsalt , Reldan 50,Garlon , Stiarin , Rainbow , Topshot , Vantex , Malanon , Calio , Manvert Ca , Manvert Mg , Manvert K, K T S, A P P , Methyl Eugenol and more.

Our role With the MOA

  1. Follow up registration of pesticides in Committee for Agriculture Pesticides (certificates, labels, import agreements…etc)
  2. Follow up the fields experiments by MOA.
  3. Renewal of the recommendations every (3) years and labels every year.
  4. Determining of the quantity to the MOA to prepare import licenses

Our role in the market

  1. Studying market needs.
  2. Studying situation of the competitive compounds (prices, quantities).
  3. Designing brochures and catalogs to show the product advantages.
  4. Participation in big exhibitions like SAHARA .
  5. Follow up sales activity through the branches of our company.
  6. Expanding our dealers' base.
  7. Analyzing costumers needs in next season.

Technical Activities

  • Organize seminars on many governorates.
  • Collect BBC farmers Data and dealers.
  • Distribute free samples everywhere.
  • Start trial Demos to show the efficacy of our products.
  • Organize field days to show the advantage of the products.
  • Follow up the impression of the farmers about the result and answer all questions.

Our Branches

  • Mansoura
  • Tanta
  • Giza
  • Souhag

Each branch has the needful tools to handle the sales activities.
We have a number of well selected and respectable dealers that can insure the best distribution to the end users.