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We Agrin Serve have in business for more than 30 years with rich experience in the field of agrochemicals and fertilizers. We represent several top multinationals from across the globes that are top in their field. Our top priority is the farmer who face challenges every day and who aims for higher yield, control of pest and weeds, market price development, scarcity of natural resources. With our rich portfolio of products and our expertise in R&D we have the necessary solutions for all famers' needs. Agrin Serve is also part of the Polyserve Group whom are leaders in the fertilizer business. Our mission is to continue to deliver the best effective and bio friendly products for our farmer. Our vision is to reach all farmers across in Egypt and to serve their needs.



chemical composition

1% chelated zinc from Zn.EDTA

1% chelated iron sourced from Fe.EDTA

1% chelated manganese sourced from Mn.EDTA

Complex boron source: 1% boron ethanolamine - 19.39% amino acids


What is Elsamine Multi

It is a liquid fertilizer that contains organic nitrogen and chelated trace elements

Intended for spot drip and foliar applications

The innovative formula is made up of amino acids and chelated micro elements such as iron, zinc, boron, and manganese.


Product Features

It is used during the initial stages of vegetative growth of vegetables, especially in lime and alkaline soils, in order to avoid deficiency or deficiency of microelements.

As for fruit trees, compost is used during the restoration of vegetative growth in order to improve the process of photosynthesis and stimulate the growth


What is special about the product?

Rapid absorption through the leaf and root system -

Increases the intensity of the greenness of the plant leaves -

Prevents and limits the yellowing of leaves caused by a deficiency of microelements.

The plant helps to overcome environmental and physiological stress


Manufacturer: Elsa, Italy. You can visit the company's website from here


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chemical composition

Chelated zinc sourced from 1% EDTA

Chelated iron from 0.5%

Complex boron source: boron ethanolamine 0.5% - amino acids 7.01%

: EDTA 4% - DTPA 3.6% chelating substance


What is ilsac-aon?

It is a natural stimulant of 100% vegetable origin, invented and developed by ELSA in partnership with many international higher institutes


how to use

Designed for foliar spray

The catalyst is a product of the exclusive enzyme analysis process used only by the Italian company Elsa

Also, this process preserves the nature and formula of the natural materials contained in the raw material

Stimulates the overall metabolic mechanisms and increases the physiological activity of the plant as well as stimulates the plant's resistance against environmental and physiological stress


It is recommended to use ILSAQ-ON, especially in the following stages

In extreme cold or hot phases

During periods of intense vegetative activity such as vegetative growth, flowering, swelling and ripening of fruits


Product Features

Stimulates the vegetative growth of the plant as well as the growth of the root system

Stimulates plant resistance against salinity stress

It helps in the growth of fruits and the cohesion of plant tissues and in increasing the shelf life of fruits and vegetables after picking

Enhances the formation of sugars and increases the quality of the final product

It is used in organic farming


Manufacturer: Elsa, the Italian company. You can visit the company's website from here


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Egelex 25%WG

Egelex 25%WG  is  used  to resist Cyperus rotundus on potato crop by adding 25 gram/Fed .

Humi-grow WSG

Humi-grow WSG


chemical composition

Nitrogen %25 Amino Acids %15.69


What is Elsa Cereal Max?

It is a liquid fertilizer that contains a high percentage of nitrogen and amino acids, intended for foliar spraying on grains and industrial crops

Fertilizer The product of the fertilizer is produced by the organic component (amino acids) technical urea

Nitrogen chelation with acids increases the effectiveness of the product, the speed of its sweat from the seeds found in the plant cells


How to use

Cereal Max is used during this foliar step, plant growth and to increase photosynthesis, photosynthesis, proteins, which leads to an increase in growth in vegetative growth and in agricultural production (yield).

The use of the compound stimulates plant growth, especially when using herbicides/weeds/parasitoids, which cause physiological stress to the plant and yellowing of plant leaves

The balance of the composition of the fertilizer allows it to be mixed with all the compounds in the market (chemical fertilizers, herbicides, / preservative/parasitoid) and therefore it is allowed to be used during the foliar period


Product Features

Nourishes and stimulates plant growth due to the presence of nitrogen in plant metabolism

It improves photosynthesis and increases the production of productions

It increases agricultural production and improves its quality


Manufacturer: Elsa, Italy. Visit the company's website from here


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Sequence 30% EC

Sequence 30% EC is fungicides used to prevent leaf spots at sugar beet by adding 50 cm 3/100 liters of water .


chemical composition

Total Nitrogen 6% Potassium 9% Amino Acids 10.01%


What is Elsamine KY

It is a liquid fertilizer that contains organic and mineral elements intended for local drip with the aim of stimulating plant growth

Provides the plant with amino acids with nitrogen, potassium, and polysaccharides to promote vegetative growth to increase soil fertility, and activate the plant's resistance against environmental stress


how to use

It is used during the initial stages of vegetative growth, during the agricultural cycle, and after the harvest stage. It is intended for all agricultural crops such as vegetables and fruit trees


Product Features

It helps the plant to withstand environmental and physiological stress conditions

Promotes vegetative growth and fruit ripening even in difficult climatic conditions

It improves soil fertility and the reproduction of microorganisms

Increases the final production effort


Manufacturer: Elsa, the Italian company. You can visit the company's website from here


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Snappy 25 %WG

Snappy 25 %WG is insecticide, contact and infectious agent used to control microbugs on citrus at a rate of 25 g / 100 liters of water


chemical composition

9% total nitrogen

phosphorous 16%

amino acids 23.64%

Density 1.17 g/cm3



Fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorous (in a fast-absorbing and soluble formula), and amino acids for local drip.


how to use

Intended in the early stages of the growth of agricultural crops to stimulate the growth of the root system and the formation of new buds and plant tissues

It is used in the local fertilization of agricultural crops such as vegetables after the seedling stage and during the initial stages of vegetative growth

Regarding fruit trees, fertilizer is used when vegetative growth is restored and during critical stages in which it is required to provide the plant with nitrogen and phosphorous


Product Features

Stimulates seed germination and root system growth

Provides phosphorous in a fast-absorbing formula and prevents it from spoiling

Promotes vegetative growth and photosynthesis

The plant helps to overcome the stress caused by the transplanting process


Manufacturer: Elsa, the Italian company. You can visit the company's website from here


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Mix Micros Edta WSP

After the growth is integrated, it is repeated when the production of protected and exposed vegetables is successive . When the spring growths bloom, and repeat again after the stability of the nodes and when symptoms of deficiency of the elements appear. Fruit trees Before fruiting field crops .

Sempra 5% EC

Sempra 5% EC is an infectious insecticide that prevents moulting and stops feeding, is used to control grape worm on grapes at a rate of 40 cm3 / 100 liters of water .

Fercristal 20/20/20

A unique combination of major fertilizer elements used with high efficiency with all crops in all stages of growth and provides the plant with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, used to fertilize field crops, vegetables, fruit trees, citrus fruits, grapes and bananas.

Map 12/61/0

The optimum compound for plant nutrition with the phosphorus element, which encourages the growth of roots, thus encouraging the vegetative system, and is also useful in pushing the plant towards flowering with high fertility, which increases the proportion of fruit set, thus increasing productivity
(Used with all crops, vegetables and fruit trees)


A saline treatment used with all plants, crops, vegetables and fruits Reduces the negative effects of soil salinity and irrigation water ,available in two packages of 5 liter and 20 liter bottle.

Nitro Potassium 8/0/40

Accelerates biological processes in plants Distinguished by the presence of a percentage of nitrogen to facilitate the entry of potassium into plant cells Helps color fruits and increase sugars (Used with all vegetables, crops and fruit trees) .


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